Coaching is one of the most powerful tools on an individual’s growth journey. Whether you’re seeking to make a significant career change, level up your leadership skills, or cope with anxieties that come up at work, a skilled coach can help you realize your full potential and guide you toward achieving your personal goals.

When it comes to coaching, finding the perfect match can seem daunting. There are many types of coaching and methods available, which can make the task of choosing the right one for you feel overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the topic. As you’re taking the first steps you might be asking yourself what kind of help you need or who could fit that role.

One thing’s for sure, it takes a special type of person to be on the journey with you in a way that’s deeply supportive and understanding—someone keenly observant, self-aware, and a clear communicator—someone who truly walks the path with you.

At Candor we firmly believe that coaches play a vital role as dedicated supporters in people's growth journeys, contributing to the very essence of our authentic, collaborative ecosystem. For that reason, we're excited to celebrate a special group of extraordinary coaches on Candor, ready to inspire and support you on your journey. 🌟🎯

Meet the coaches on Candor

Anna Laifer

Anna Laifer is a transformation coach partnering with leaders to expand their impact by strengthening their intuition and self-trust. Through personalized coaching, Anna cultivates an explorative atmosphere for her clients, incorporating mindfulness practices and valuing the significance of being present to support the growth journeys of both individuals and groups.

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Johnny LaLonde

Introducing Johnny Lalonde, Owner and Interpersonal Coach at InnerWork Coaching. Johnny is an experienced coach, counselor, and teacher who utilizes his doctoral training, therapy experience and work with founders, to support individuals and teams on their growth journeys. Johnny conducts individual and co-founder coaching, facilitates off-sites, training, and crucial conversations, fostering a space for personal development and team collaboration.

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John Luckovich

John Luckovich is an artist and Enneagram coach based in Brooklyn, NY. John is deeply involved in the Fourth Way, interested in the Egyptian roots of Western spirituality, and has six years of training in Integrative Breathwork. John is the author of The Instinctual Drives and the Enneagram and co-hosts the podcast the Big Hormone Enneagram. Additionally, John is a Co-Founder of The Enneagram School and New York Enneagram, and also leads workshops, retreats, and Inner Work-based pilgrimages to Egypt.

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Jonathan Rozenblit

Jonathan Rozenblit is a Leadership Coach focused on supporting technology professionals to discover and develop their distinctive leadership approach. He supports individuals, teams, and organizations to excel and bring out their best potential, helping them to unlock long-term success. Jonathan is Co-Founder and Coach at Leadership Practitioner.

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Josh Lavine

Josh Lavine is a coach who specializes in supporting non-traditional founders and executives as they tackle critical societal issues, navigate life and work transitions, and explore questions of meaning, identity, and vocation. Josh’s approach combines psychology, spirituality, and developmental modalities to empower leaders to cultivate greatness across all life aspects.

Josh is a Co-Founder and teacher at The Enneagram School and hosts the podcast What It’s Like To Be You.

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Julia Markish

Julia Markish is an Advisor and Coach for People-First Executives & Teams, driven by a mission to help build organizations that enable individuals to live more fulfilled and integrated lives.

With over a decade of experience across diverse roles and industries, Julia's coaching focuses on helping businesses create inclusive, supportive, and effective environments for organizational success, and is motivated by what makes people continually bring their best selves to work.

Currently, Julia is the Director of the People Strategy Group at Lattice, developing the Advisory Services function.

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Katrina Honer

Meet Katrina Honer, a Career Confidence Coach and Program and Marketing Leader, focusing on talent branding, people programs, and career development. Katrina is the founder of Along Came Katrina Consulting, collaborating with tech companies and universities to create engaging talent strategies for emerging professionals and employee groups.

On her latest blog, SeekWanderful, Katrina shares life and travel adventures while seeking to inspire her readers to lead a joyful life. Moreover, she hosts the Danmei Podcast, an anime show that connects with the LGBTQ+ fanfiction community.

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Ton Dobbe

Meet Ton Dobbe, the author of The Remarkable Effect and the Founder of Value Inspiration. Ton is a mentor and CEO Mastermind host for Tech-Entrepreneurs-on-a-Mission. His online workstream provides a platform for B2B SaaS CEOs to share their experiences and learn from one another. Ton is passionate about helping businesses in this field achieve faster growth, accelerate progress on top priorities, explore new paths, and find breakthroughs. Currently, Ton is working on his second book, developing a new community program, and continuing to mentor B2B SaaS CEOs to help shape their businesses in a successful way.

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Getting to know a potential coach is a big part of a successful partnership. We’re humbled to have these individuals share their Candor profiles as a part of sharing who they really are. If you’re looking for a thoughtful, heart-led coach, reach out to them! ❤️✨

Begin Your Coaching Journey Now!

We’ve gathered 7 guidelines to help you find your perfect coaching partnership 🤝🔎 inspired by Amanda Parker, a Transformation Catalyst Coach and Founder of Transformational Coach. Check out the full article here.

Discover your coaching focus 👣

Take a moment for self-reflection and gain clarity on the areas in your life where you yearn for support and growth. Understanding your needs will help you find the perfect coaching fit, whether you seek a career coach, life coach, relationship expert, or someone with versatile experience to meet your expectations.

What qualifications matter the most to you? 🎓

Consider the kind of experience and credentials that hold significance for you. Delve into a coach's background, certifications, and past client experiences to ensure they align with your vision of an ideal coaching partner.

How do you want to be coached? 💬

Your coaching experience should be personalized and in harmony with your preferences. Embrace what feels right to you—whether it's face-to-face interactions or convenient Zoom meetings, a structured or more open approach to sessions, or a coaching rhythm that suits your pace.

Do your research 🕵️

Dive into the world of each coach on your list. Active coaches often share their insights through articles, books, and a vibrant social media presence. Seek recommendations from their past clients and evaluate how their online presence resonates with you.

Can this coach help me achieve my professional goals? 🏅

Explore the coach's professional background and consider whether you desire someone who has walked a similar path, inspiring you through shared experiences, or if a fresh perspective is what you crave. Test your chemistry by scheduling introductory meetings with your shortlisted coaches before making a commitment.

Set clear goals 🎯

Find clarity in your aspirations, values, and priorities, as this will pave the way to selecting the right coach. The journey becomes more meaningful and effective when you align your goals with the perfect growth partner.

Book a ‘Chemistry Call’ 🧪

Get a glimpse of your coaching journey through chemistry or sample sessions. These interactions will give you a taste of what coaching will be like with each coach, allowing you to choose the one that connects with you on a profound level.

Ready to Learn More?

We’re excited for you to begin your coaching journey with someone who will guide you in transformative and meaningful ways. Here are a few more resources to dive deeper into the realm of coaching and self-development.

📖 Readings

What life coaching is (and what it isn’t) Miles, 2022

What Is Coaching in the Workplace and Why Is It Important? Schultz, 2021

Do You Need a Career Coach? 10 tips for finding and working with a coach Brooks, Ed.D. 2011

🎙 Podcasts

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes by Gregg Clunis

‘Tiny Leaps, Big Changes’ is a podcast dedicated to personal growth, exploring the everyday actions that shape our life. The show centers on understanding how small shifts can lead to significant transformations and is a valuable resource for those seeking to make positive changes in their lives. Check out the episode "Should You Hire a Coach" featuring Devon Brooks.

Make a Change to Make a Difference by Barefoot Coaching

Adam Goodman-Smith, Head of Creative Development at Barefoot Coaching, chats with inspiring coaches, keynote speakers and authors, who share real stories about how they made transformative life choices to embark on a journey of assisting others.

Limitless Life by Melyssa Griffin

Hosted by Melyssa Griffin, the show explores diverse aspects of self-development inner guidance, self-love, and empowerment. Through interviews, coaching calls, and solo talks, it equips listeners with tools to reconnect with their true selves, inspiring a life of boundless possibilities. Check out the episode "Step Into Your Inner Bad B*tch" with Gala Darling.

The Coach’s Journey by Robbie Swale

Robbie Swales, a leadership coach, conducts interviews with various coaches. The show aims to provide guidance to coaches in improving their coaching practices, while also offering a comprehensive educational overview of coaching and its different aspects.

The Growth Show by HubSpot

Each episode of this podcast explores the stories behind how people grow a business, an idea, or a movement. It's a business show that goes deep into the key topics of the future of work. Check out the episode "Should Everyone Have an Executive Coach?".

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