Work Check-ins

A fun and easy way to keep a pulse on team happenings

Check-in on team goals, progress, work wins, and more. 🎯📈🏅
A set of card Takes from the culture platform Candor showcasing team check-ins. These are team responses to prompts like "What are you focusing on?" and "What are you eating or craving lately?".
Status updates without the meeting

Leverage work check-ins to share your current focus at work, what you’re learning, and what has you excited.

Easy, async connection

Comment and react to work check-ins —a simple way to show support and stay aligned.

Integrate check-ins into your culture

Candor integrates with Slack to bring timely updates to where you already do your best work.

How check-ins work

Weekly reminder for work check-ins on the platform Candor
Step 1: Get a weekly reminder when it’s time for your work check-in.
Prompts for teammates to answer during work check-ins, like upcoming goals
Step 2: Complete the required work check-in prompts and any additional ones you’d like to share.
Display of work check-ins, showing teammates answering prompts for upcoming goals and more.
Step 3: Review team responses to stay aligned quickly and async.

Work check-ins frequently asked questions

What’s the purpose of work check-ins?

Work check-ins enable you to reduce meeting time while staying in the loop on work that's in progress. Teams often use work check-ins in lieu of standup meetings where team members share updates on work status.

How often should I schedule work check-ins with my team?

Work check-in cadence depends on the nature of your team’s work. For projects that are moving quickly, teams often complete work check-ins daily. For more regular, standing check-ins, it may make sense to check-in weekly or biweekly.

What’s the difference between work check-ins and personal check-ins?

Work check-ins are designed to connect on work progress with your teammates. Personal check-ins are designed to keep up with your team on a personal level.

What are some examples of work check-in prompts?

Candor has work check-in prompts for all kinds of use cases! Some examples include:

What are you focusing on? 🎧
What was a work-related high since the last check-in?
Is there anything blocking your progress?

Looking for more info?

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Work check-ins glossary of key terms

Additional Resources

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Read about the best practices for implementing async weekly work-ins with your team.
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Read about the top 10 work check-in questions to implement with your team to make sure you stay on track.

Async check-ins kept simple

A screen displaying work check-ins on the platform Candor.Prompts from work check-ins on CandorPrompts from work check-ins on CandorPrompts from work check-ins on Candor
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