The best way to share how you work

Create a ReadMe to share your work preferences, styles, and quirks. 100% free. ✏️
A set of card Takes from a person’s personal profile on the culture platform Candor. It shows responses to prompts like “A few things about me”, “I learn best by”, and “Things that deeply motivate me”.
Bring your whole self to work

Express yourself authentically. Share with teammates and get to know each other for your true selves.

Make onboarding a breeze

Create belonging from day one. Start new hires seamlessly with a how-to on how your team works.

Reinforce connection while remote

Discover new ways to connect and have meaningful conversations.

How profiles work

Step 1: Add chapters to your profile to tell a vibrant story of your career history.
Step 2: Write and request Takes from others to share honest anecdotes of how you stand out.
Step 3: Share your profile with friends and teammates to connect and work better together.

Share authentically, connect authentically

A video introduction on the Candor profile.A screen from the culture platform Candor that shows a profile full of card Takes sharing a person’s personal preferences and work style.A funny meme about work style from the Candor profile.Content from a Candor profile about the biggest challenge faced.
know your work