March was an exciting month for the Candor team. We unveiled the new Candor and the feature set we’ve been quietly building for our community the last few months.

Your one-stop-shop for teammate connection

Our new feed brings all of your teammates’ Candor activity to one place. See new shoutouts, check-ins, and polls from your personalized feed. Don’t forget to add a reaction or comment to show your teammates some love!

The Candor Feed of a user called Neisha. On the sidebar on the left one can read ‘Happy Wednesday, Neisha!’, see the user’s Team Space and Active Missions. On the main section, the actual Feed shows 2 sections: 'For you' with recommendations of missions to perform and 'What’s on your team' showing the latest happenings on the user’s Team Space.

Your new feedback routine is here: lightweight, bi-directional Feedback on Candor

Annual reviews are out, continuous feedback is in! Our feedback mission lets you pair with a teammate to do bi-directional feedback on a cadence that feels right to you. Pair up monthly, quarterly, or every 6 months—whatever is right for you.

Feedback doesn’t need to be rigid with a ton of overhead. Candor gives you prompts to make feedback lightweight and focused on growth.

 Image depicting a feedback exchange between two users, one of them my user. One of the cards shows Kelsey’s feedback for my user and reads: 'Thanks for your hard work during this crunch period. I’d love to see you go further with a couple of projects in the next quarter'; and the other shows my user’s feedback for Kelsey: 'How can Kelsey improve? Share opportunities of growth for her.' followed by my user’s response 'You’ve gotten better at exercising patience on projects by checking in more frequently.'

1-on-1s mission helps you build agendas and connection 📆

Our new 1-on-1 mission is the perfect way to start leveling up your 1-on-1 meetings. Build a collaborative agenda with your teammate and use our prompt library when you aren’t quite sure what to talk about. Awkward and useless 1-on-1 meetings never again!

Image showing a 1-on-1 meeting agenda with a user named Kelsey. The conversation topics are: ‘How are you feeling right now?’; ‘Annual salary review’; ‘New hire, JD and Role’

Never do daily stand-ups again with our Work Check-ins

Our work-check-ins mission lets you set prompts to check in on your team’s progress, upcoming goals, and more. More transparency and accountability, less time spent in meetings.

 Image depicting 4 Work Check-ins prompts: ‘What are you mlost excited about lately?’; ‘What did you accomplish last week?’; ‘What are you focusing on?’; ‘What have you been learning?’.

Does pineapple belong on pizza? Find out what your team thinks with Polls 🗳

From funny hot takes to tactical planning, polls on Candor will help you get your teammates thoughts. Our library has prompts for meetups, office and admin, superlatives, ice breakers, and food. Polls also integrates with Slack, so you’ll never miss a vote!

 Image depicting Polls mission with custom prompts, the various active polls, and polls' votes by different team members.

Make positive work vibes a regular thing with these fun, light-weight team missions. ✨ Start your free trial at 👉

Set up Shoutouts Mission on CandorSet up your profile on CandorSet up Work Checkins Mission on CandorSet up Personal Checkins Mission on CandorSet up Polls Mission on CandorSet up Feedback Mission on Candor

Connect and engage with your teammates

Candor makes it easy to connect and have fun with your teammates, even while you’re remote. Use Candor to do feedback, shoutouts, check-ins, and more, all in one place.

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Connect with your teammates using shoutouts, check-ins, feedback and more.
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