The big reveal is here! 🎉 Candor is the go-to culture building platform for modern teams, now with a fresh feed and new features.

We started our journey building an authentic professional network and allowing users to make beautiful, honest profiles. With your feedback, we discovered Candor profiles were incredibly valuable as personal user manuals or ReadMes shared between teammates. It made perfect sense—in a remote world, it’s harder than ever to connect with your teammates and Candor was helping you do that.

 Image depicting the new Candor feed. On the left panel, one can see "Happy Wednesday, Kelsey!", Kelsey's Team Space, and Active Missions. On the right the feed shows the "For You" section, and "What's New on your Team."

Today we’re unveiling new features as your ultimate culture building platform. With Candor, you can create your user manual (always free!) and now also do shoutouts, work check-ins, personal check-ins, feedback, and 1-on-1 agendas all in one place. Our team features have a 30-day free trial and start at $5/month per teammate. Explore our pricing options.

mage depicting different Candor Team mission cards—Shoutouts, Chek-ins, 1-on-1s, and Feedback over a colorful background.

Here’s the feature breakdown:

✏️ Profiles are personal ReadMes—the best way to share your work style, preferences, and quirks.

🎉 Shoutouts are an intentional way to celebrate teammates based on your team values.

⚡️ Check-ins make async sharing easy and help you keep a pulse on team happenings.

💬 Feedback is a bi-directional ritual with teammates so you can grow together.

👥 1-on-1s are an easy way to co-create and track discussion topics with teammates.

Thank you so much for continuing to support our mission to help people find belonging at work.  We look forward to learning and growing even more with you on our side. We’d appreciate your support on our launch day—if you’re willing to share with your community, we’ve published the news on LinkedIn, Product Hunt, and Youtube.

Onwards and upwards 🚀

The Candor Team

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Candor makes it easy to connect and have fun with your teammates, even while you’re remote. Use Candor to do feedback, shoutouts, check-ins, and more, all in one place.

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