Candor surveyed 257 employees who work at technology companies to gain an understanding of how company culture has changed—and to understand where it’s going next.

Q1. How important is seeing your colleagues in person every day?

Q2. In what setting do you feel like you’ve gotten to know your colleagues best?

Q3. Which setting do you feel most contributes to your company’s culture?

Q4. What would be the top reasons you'd leave your current role?

Q5. Have changes in company culture due to remote work and the pandemic led you to switch jobs or begin the process of switching jobs?

Q6. Which of the following do you believe would have the greatest impact on improving company culture at your workplace:

Q7. Which of the following factors most NEGATIVELY impacted your company’s culture?

Q8. Which of the following factors most POSITIVELY impacted your company’s culture in recent months?

Q9. Do you feel like your company culture has gotten stronger or weaker in the last two years?

Q10. Do you feel like your company culture has gotten stronger or weaker in the last three months?

Q11. Has remote or hybrid work increased or decreased the frequency and severity of interpersonal conflicts at your workplace?

Q12. Has remote and hybrid work helped you get to know your colleagues better?

Q13. How important is the office for facilitating company culture?

Survey Methodology

746 employees who work at US-based tech firms were surveyed. The sample size reflected the geographic, educational, racial, and income-related demographics at US tech companies and therefore are reflective of the sentiments of tech workers across the broader ecosystem.

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