Hey, you! Yeah, you. The cool person trying to ride the rollercoaster called "managing a startup team." So, you've got this employee, right? And you're thinking, "I wonder how Jamie's doing with all those tasks?" or "Does Alex even like working here?" Well, instead of doing a dramatic Sherlock Holmes impression and attempting to decipher every emoji in their messages, why not just... you know, ask them?

Why Check-In?

But, "WHY?" I hear you say, somewhere from the back. Well, imagine your favorite plant. Without water, it wilts. With too much, it drowns. But with just the right amount, it thrives! Your employees are a lot like that plant. They need the right balance of attention to bloom in their roles.

Checking in is like giving them that splash of water. It shows them you care, reinforces the bond, and creates a culture that’s more "chill weekend BBQ" than "stressful Monday morning."

Remote Check-Ins: The New Kid on the Block

Now, here’s the tricky part - the world’s gone remote. Instead of just walking over to someone’s desk, now we have to dodge Zoom meetings, navigate time zones, and hope our WiFi doesn’t bail. But hey, we got this! Here's our guide about Employee Connection for inspo.

1. Set Up a Time: Try something like, "Hey Alex, free for a quick chat after your alien invasion... I mean, data input session?"

2. Pick Your Platform: Zoom, Teams, Skype, or a good old phone call. Whatever floats your boat.

3. Keep it Relaxed: This isn’t an interrogation scene in a movie. Have a casual chat like you're grabbing a virtual coffee.

Template Time!

But what do you say during these check-ins? No worries, here's a nifty template for you:

Hey [Employee’s Cool Name],

Hope you're doing awesome! I wanted to catch up and see how you're feeling.

  1. How’s the [specific project/task] going?
  2. Any challenges?
  3. Anything I can help with?
  4. On a scale of 1-10, how's the coffee at your home office? (Kidding! But seriously, how are you feeling overall about work?)

Cheers! [Your Cool Name]

Adjust as needed, sprinkle some of your charm, and there you have it! We've put together some sample agendas for check ins and other meeting types.

Deep Dive: The Two Types of Check-Ins

1. Personal Check-Ins: Like checking if your teammate is a cat or a dog person. (Kidding! But you get the gist.) It's about understanding them as a person - their likes, dislikes, how they're REALLY doing, and if they've watched that cool show everyone's talking about.

2. Work-Related Check-Ins: This is about the nitty-gritty of tasks. It’s the "how’s project X going" or "need help with task Y?" It keeps things on track without sounding like a broken record.

Impact Alert!

Now, why all the fuss about check-ins?

  1. Building Bonds Over Bandwidth: Every time you check in, it's like adding a building block to the LEGO tower of trust. It's a simple gesture, but it shouts, "I care!"
  2. Culture Boost: Imagine a place where everyone talks, supports each other, and maybe shares memes? That’s the dream, right? Regular check-ins can pave the way for a culture that's more "cozy cafe" than "chaotic circus."
  3. Two Birds, One Stone: You're not just building a bond; you're also keeping tabs on work. It’s like making sure the train’s on track while also enjoying the scenic view!


So, to all the startup superheroes out there, remember: Checking in is your secret sauce to a rockin’ team culture. Keep it casual, keep it fun, and yes, you can totally slip in a joke or two. After all, who said work chats can't be a laugh?

And if you need more help with making check-ins part of your team’s ritual, use Candor. We make it easy to check in with your teammates regularly on all things life, work, and everything in between.

Till next time, keep rockin' and checkin'! 🚀🎸😄

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