We are on a mission to help people find belonging at work. We believe true job satisfaction in tech comes when you can be yourself, in a team where you are included and accepted. But getting visibility on how a team really works together is hard. Tools like LinkedIn and Glassdoor are cluttered with spam, virtue-signaling, and fake or toxic profiles; they don’t provide the data needed to make important culture-fit decisions. The end result for employees? A high-risk scenario where people are making major career decisions without the proper data. We believe there’s a better way, and so we’re building a new kind of professional network.

Candor is focused on how people work not where they’ve worked. Where other networks show you job titles and work history, Candor shows you how someone is in Slack, whether they’re a morning person or night owl, and how they like to get feedback. Candor puts transparency, authenticity, and personal growth first and eliminates the guesswork in culture fit and helping people find where they belong.

We've seen some significant changes in the market over the last year that make Candor a no-brainer solution and make belonging at work even more important than it’s ever been.

Perfect online profiles are toxic.

At Candor, we believe that a person’s edges, the pointed parts of our competencies and personality that jet out further than the person sitting next to us, are what make us powerful. They may also have downsides, they can make us different, difficult, and decidedly imperfect. When we deny our edges, we don't embrace the full power of ourselves. And when we deny others’ edges, we miss who they are entirely. Awareness of our own edges and those of others enables us to enter into relationships with the full picture.

Candor brings our edges to the forefront and creates the first real profile that shows who we really are at work and lets us embrace all the power and opportunity that comes with that awareness.

Candidates run the job market.

Startup employees change jobs every 18 months on average. That makes for a job market that's more competitive than ever for companies to recruit and retain employees while the bar continues to rise on company culture and employee happiness.

Candor helps candidates better leverage their position in the market by empowering them to be selective with where they work. If you find a role and a team you love, you'll stay there longer. It's a win-win for candidates and employers alike.

We work remotely now.

More than ever before the boundaries between our work and home lives are blurred. The professional is personal and vice versa. While the flexibility of remote-first cultures has its undeniable benefits, the negative effects are just as real. Work anxieties turn into personal anxieties and your personal anxieties into work anxieties. If you don't feel like you belong at work, and work is now at home, what do you do?

This is one of the reasons we're excited to build Candor. By finding the right cultural fit at work you can find greater satisfaction and purpose throughout all areas of your life.

Gen Z and Millennials are comfortable getting uncomfortable.

Candor brings real and honest feedback out in the open where recipients are challenged to grow from it. We hope that creating a safe space to share these insights will result in better self-awareness, more growth, and ultimately greater fulfillment at work.

The future of work is belonging, and there's been no better time in history to create a solution like Candor.

What comes next?

We're hard at work building our vision of Candor for you. Sign up for a free account to learn more about your working style and request Takes from your peers.

We're hiring, too. If our mission resonates, check out our open roles and send us a note if you're interested.

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