Check out our latest product recap covering the recent strides we took building the go-to culture platform for modern teams. ⚡️

Inviting teammates just got easier 👥

Ready to kick off missions with your team? You’ll need to have others in your Team Space first. We made inviting your teammates even easier than before. Click any card in the top Missions section of your Team Space, then a modal will appear where you can enter your teammates’ emails or simply copy and share the invite link provided. That’s all there is to it!

A screen from the platform Candor showing a Team Space dimmed with a modal overlay. The overlay is for inviting people to the Team Space and includes a manual entry box for email addresses, as well as a button to copy an invite link. The button is circled in bright yellow with an arrow drawn to another version of the same element with the clicked state and the text “Invitation link copied!”.
Invite teammates in a snap 🫰

Know what to expect in your feed 📰

When you visit your feed page (the new home on Candor), you’ll get tips and guidance on what to do next. You’ll also now see a summary view of what to expect in the Team section, like new profile Takes, team Takes, and mission activity. Create your Team Space, invite teammates, and watch this section come to life!

A screen from the platform Candor showing an empty state feed. On the left of the screen is a person’s profile image, name, and role. In the main section of the screen there is a For You section and a What’s new on your Team Space section. There are cards within each section that act as a CTA or placeholder for future content.
A new Candor feed just waiting to come to life 💬

Check out the refreshed Explore section

While on the feed page, scroll down the Explore section to see interesting activity and recommendations beyond your Team Space. Many recommendations are based on your own activity, like similarly answered Takes. You’ll find suggested connections, useful resources, and Takes from across the network—all grouped into one dynamic feed. Take a look and dive into a world of authentic content. 🌎

A screen from the platform Candor that shows a colorful feed of content. The heading of the section is “Explore”. There are blog posts, suggested connections, and other content from users who have shared thoughts.
Time to Explore all of Candor! 🐘

Tell us what you think 💭

We want to hear from you! Help shape the Candor roadmap directly on the platform. In the top right of your screen while in your feed or a Team Space, click the Improve Candor 💡 button. Select the type of feedback and share your thoughts. You can also add an image to your message. Your thoughts are so valuable to our team for building something you truly love. We want to hear it all—your hopes, dreams, and even criticisms. We’re all ears. 👂

A screen from the platform Candor highlighting the feedback modal where users can input their honest thoughts about the platform and their experience. The header of the modal is “How would you make Candor better?”. The modal shows feedback types that can be selected; the labels are: Feature, Bug, Other. There is an input text field and an Add image button, as well as the main Send button in black. A separate button is shown hovering over the right side of the screen with the text “Improve Candor” and is the main button users click to open the modal.
Say hello 👋 and share your honest thoughts

Check out all of Candor's new features 🚀

Connect and engage with your teammates

Candor makes it easy to connect and have fun with your teammates, even while you’re remote. Use Candor to do feedback, shoutouts, check-ins, and more, all in one place.

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Connect with your teammates using shoutouts, check-ins, feedback and more.
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