Hey there! 👋 Welcome to your trusty starter pack for initiating better collaboration and building meaningful relationships at work—the Culture Care Kit by Candor.

Whether you’re a manager, people leader, or community builder, fostering a healthy culture can be tough. Even getting others to care as much as you do can be a real hurdle. But let’s take a step back. Building a culture worth talking about (for all the right reasons, of course) doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. It’s all about starting with some basics and introducing new routines little by little.That’s why we’ve put together this handy care kit packed with useful tips, templates, and resources to help you navigate all the ins and outs. We’ll walk through how to use Candor as a powerful tool in shaping your culture into one that team members truly value and are proud to be part of.

So grab a coffee, sit back, and let’s dive in. ☕️

What’s Inside:

  • Encouraging Others to Create a Personal ReadMe 📄
  • Favorite Takes for Profiles
  • Sharing Profiles
  • Create a Team Space 🛰
  • Super Secret Special Take Deck 🤫
  • Sparks ✨
  • Missions 🚀
  • Share your Team Space

Encouraging Others to Create a Personal ReadMe 📄

So you’ve created your own Candor profile (a.k.a personal ReadMe), and you’re super excited to share and use it as a way to connect better with others. It’s time to get your team, friends, and community to create their own profiles. We’re here to help make this easier for you. Check out all the tips and resources below for getting everyone in on the fun.

A beautiful, full Candor profile of founder Kelsey Bishop. It features Takes on topics like: most fulfilling project, qualities admired in teammates, and core values.

But before that real quick—if you’re still getting the gist of ReadMes, you may want to check out this deep dive into all the benefits and how Candor supports this 👉 Personal ReadMes: The Complete Guide.

Now let’s get to it! First, here’s a short template message we’ve drafted for introducing Candor to your teammates. 📨 Feel free to borrow this or compose one yourself:

Hey! I’ve been thinking about ways we can connect more as a team and I came across Candor. Seems like we can easily share on things like ways of working, strengths, preferred feedback, and some other fun prompts.

Would love to give it a shot and learn more about each other.

Let’s try it out and share!

Favorite Takes for Profiles

Great profiles start with great Take prompts! The following are proven to be some of the most popular and valuable Takes from across the Candor community. You can access this set by clicking here. Share this same link with others to see their responses to these on their profiles.

A set of 3 Takes from the Candor platform, with the topics: How do you like to get feedback?; How do you learn best?; and What environment works best for you?

📌 Starter Takes (completed during profile setup):

  • Things that deeply motivate me…
  • You will make my freakin day if you…

📌 Favorite Takes:

  • My core values
  • Things I’d love to learn
  • I like to get feedback when it’s given…
  • Most fulfilling project I’ve worked on

📌 Bonus Fun Takes:

  • My happy place
  • Outside of work, you'll find me...

Sharing Profiles

Once profiles are filled with genuine, expressive Takes, it’s time to share! We have a few suggestions for where to share and store your profiles so you can access them easily and revisit at any time. They are great to add to online bios and About Me pages, and even act as a warm intro doc prior to a coffee chat. ☕️

Open each toggle below for more info on where and how to share with your team.

Share your profile in a Slack channel

Sharing your profile link in a Slack channel is super easy. You can paste your profile URL directly into the chat box or format your text, like so. 👇

A preview of someone sharing their Candor profile URL in a team Slack channel. The message states: Hey team! Check out my readme.

Your link should display with a preview if using the default settings in Slack.

A preview of someone sharing their Candor profile URL in a team Slack channel.

For more information, check out this article.

Link Candor profiles within Slack member profiles

As an admin in Slack, you can customize team member profiles so they display custom sections (data elements) in the About Me area. Here’s a view of how it looks for an admin in Slack settings.

A preview of the admin view in Slack, in the About Me section where there are green checkmark toggles for adding specific fields (including custom ones) to profiles).

When activated, the new data field will appear for team members in Slack when they click into their profile to edit information. They can enter the display text themselves and add their Candor profile URL.

Now you can view teammates’ Candor profiles easily at any time, just by clicking into Slack profiles.

A view of someone's Slack profile where they are editing their About Me section. There is a field to add their Candor profile URL.

For more information on this process, check out this article.

Link Candor profiles in a Notion Team Directory

For some teams, directories are stored within a management platform or Team Wiki. If your team uses Notion and has a database for people, you can easily add a field for Candor profile links.

Check out this example of our team on Notion with clickable links to our Candor profiles displayed directly on the gallery view. You can do the same for your team! 👇

The Candor team directory in a Notion database. It shows 6 teammates in total.
A preview of the Properties settings for a Notion database.

On the right side of your Team Directory database, go into the extended menu and navigate into the Properties section. There you can add a new property and name it 🐘 Candor profile. Make sure it’s set to the URL type, so links are clickable, and drag it into the shown in gallery section so it displays in gallery view. Now you’re set!

Sample of a team member's full page database entry in Notion for their personal profile in a team directory.

When a new team member is added to your Notion directory, they will have a Candor profile field to add their link.

For getting started with a Team Directory in Notion, check out this template.

Share your profile in Microsoft Teams

If you’re using Teams, check our this article for sharing links within a chat.

Share your profile using an email badge

Linking to Candor profiles within email signatures is another great way for teams to access each other’s profiles easily, as well as connect with people better outside of your org.

Preview of a blank email draft dialog box in Gmail. It shows someone's email signature that features a colorful gradient Candor badge that links to their profile.

We’ve supplied a set of email badges here. Choose your favorite and follow steps provided by your email platform to add and actively link it inside your signature.

Gradient Candor email signature badge that says: Get to know me on Candor
Gradient Candor email signature badge that says: Get to know me on Candor
Gradient Candor email signature badge that says: Get to know me on Candor

QUICK TIP: Implement what’s most useful. Not every team is the same, and not every platform or process is going to work for how your team operates. Pick from this guide what seems most fitting or beneficial for your team.

QUICK TIP: Winning culture is never forced. If there’s anything we can say for certain, it’s that people DON’T like to be pressured to do something, especially if it feels unnatural to them. Avoid making certain tasks a requirement unless absolutely necessary, like the addition of an email badge for instance or sharing on a platform where a teammate isn’t very active.

Be patient with people and the process, especially when introducing something new.

Never compromise someone’s comfort. Make things optional where possible and give your team time to explore and understand the benefits for themselves.

Create a Team Space 🛰

The average About Us page is usually out-of-date and a bit lacklustre in terms of accurately reflecting the people and values that make a team so special. A team like yours deserves better. ⚡️ Fortunately you’re here reading this, taking things a level up!

That’s where Team Spaces come in. They’re a place to exchange thoughtful Takes with your teammates and build a beautiful showcase of how you really work together. The best part: they’re co-created! We’re doing away one-person ownership. Collaboration is what makes Team Spaces so unique and truly authentic.

A Team Space on the platform Candor filled with Takes on where the team is based, their ways of working, what their meetings are for, and more. It also features a section dedicated to team shoutouts where they celebrate each other weekly and connect with their values.

💫 Here’s a breakdown of everything you can do in your Team Space:

☑️  Give and request Takes on work styles, learnings, memories, and more

☑️  Co-create an authentic showcase of your team’s culture and values

☑️  Discover more meaningful connections and build better relationships whilst remote

☑️  Complete fun, light-weight exercises to strengthen your culture together

Ready to dive into the magic? Create your own! 👇

Team Space Setup

  1. Click Create new Team Space on the left side of your profile.
  2. Follow the steps to complete setup.

Adding Takes to Your Team Space

  1. Visit your Team Space by clicking the team icon on the left side of your profile.
  2. Click the Add More Takes button at the top or open an existing Take and click Write it yourself.

QUICK TIP: Lead by example. Inspire others to join in, following how you share… creating psychological safety… Just think about it: how does a great dance party break out? Simply because one brave soul with rhythm kicked things off on the dance floor first. So bust a move and show ‘em how it’s done!

Super Secret Special Take Deck 🤫

Here’s a juicy secret: you can get a set of Takes specially made just for your Team Space. Kind of amazing, right?! This feature isn’t officially released yet, so if you’d like your custom set created, send us a message at support@joincandor.com with your list of prompts. Indicate the type of response for each as well, for example: multi-select (with listed options) or open text. We can’t wait to work some magic for you! 🪄

Sparks ✨

Sparks are a genuine way for people to connect meaningfully directly on profiles or in Team Spaces. They allow teams to show support for each other and tap into better conversations about how they work.

A set of Sparks you can use to react to Takes on the platform Candor. They include: spot on; love; feeling seen; curious; inspired; and haha.

Sparking is as easy as clicking a Take to open it, then clicking the spark icon ✨ or the button on at the bottom of the Take. Now choose your reaction (as many as you like) and leave a comment to share your thoughts. That’s all there is to it!

Samples of Sparks on the platform Candor. These are honest reactions to personal Takes, showing support and encouragement for teammates.

💡 If you’re looking to encourage more sparks between teammates, here are a few suggestions:

  • Kick off a team meeting with 3-5 minutes of sparking. Let everyone know you’re going to start the meeting at 5 minutes after mark, and ask everyone to visit a teammate’s profile and leave a spark with a comment. For extra good vibes, play music in the background while everyone completes this. 🎵
  • Same as above, but instead ask teammates to complete a Take in your Team Space and/or spark on someone else’s Take. This only takes a few minutes and acts as a great quiet activity to start things off.
  • Randomly pair up members on your team for a quick spark session. Suggest that teammates spend 5 minutes checking out their partner’s profile and leaving sparks on what inspires them most or something they’re curious to understand better. As an extension of this (especially great at the end of meetings), you can have partners enter their own breakout room and chat about the Takes that stood out to them the from each other’s profiles.

Missions 🚀

Missions are fun, light-weight exercises that help build positive rituals and enrich your culture over time. It’s autopilot for culture-building!

Once a mission is launched, an email and notification will be sent to each teammate at the time a new mission round begins. Participating is easy and usually takes a few minutes. Seriously—no heavy lifting here. Just powerful outcomes. ⚡️


The shoutouts mission fosters a culture of celebration. Recognize each other’s strengths and wins, and connect them to your values. With each mission round, you’ll choose a teammate to give a shoutout to and celebrate them for living a value. It’s quick, easy, and just feels good! 🙌

A set of Takes part of the shoutouts mission on Candor where teammates celebrate each other on a regular cadence and tie their positive behaviors to their values.

Set the mission to repeat, view shoutouts over time, and watch how this simple habit of recognition creates real impact.

A screen displaying the shoutouts mission from the Candor platform where teammates celebrate each other regularly and tie it to their values. This screen displays a tally of the amount of times a value has been connected to a shoutout.

Ready to kick off shoutouts with your team? Let’s go! 🚀

Launch shoutouts mission

  1. Create a Team Space (left on your profile; if you already created your Team Space—great! you’ve got a head start).
  2. On your Team Space wall, click the mission card for shoutouts and walk through the launch steps which includes adding your team values and setting a cadence.

That’s it! Let the fun and celebration commence. 🙌

Share your Team Space

As teammates add Takes and participate in missions, your Team Space will evolve into a dynamic showcase of your culture, highlighting your values, memories, achievements, and more.

Linking to your Team Space on other social profiles for your company is a great way to get noticed by top-tier clients and stellar talent. Don’t forget to add it to your About Us page on your site too.

Share your team’s true story on how work, win, and celebrate together! 🎉

Got questions, suggestions, or need extra help? Reach us at support@joincandor.com