We built more exciting ways to express yourself and connect this past month. 🎉 Check it out in this latest product recap.

Rich text is here! Get more expressive 🥳

Takes are now more readable, beautiful, and fun. With rich text editing, you can style your writing in bold, italic, and bulleted lists, and sprinkle in your favorite emojis. You can format in paragraphs too. So go ahead—give your Takes some flavor!

Examples of takes that allow rich text
More formatting options available for writing Takes

Better organization through stacks

Based on feedback, we’re making strides organizing Takes in ways that are cohesive and interesting. Now on your profile and in your Team Space, you’ll see Takes with the same prompt are grouped into stacks. This means improved readability and more efficient tracking of related moments and content.

Example of a before and after showing a collection of Takes stacked together
See collections of Takes with the same prompt stacked together

A new way to Explore on Candor

By diving into the new Explore feed, you’ll be able to make more connections and see recent activity. Expand your network and learn what’s happening with friends and teammates. To get there, click the Explore icon on the top right.

An example of the Explore feed showcasing the "Make connections" section and "What's happening" section
Discover more connections and activity on Candor with Explore

Inviting friends is easier! 🤜🤛

While you can still send email invites manually, we’ve added a new invite link that you can easily access from your friends page. Click the plus button from the page then ‘copy invite link’. You’ll see a confirmation and you’re all set to share with friends and anyone you want to connect with on Candor. You can also do the same from your Team Space to invite teammates.

The "Invite your teammates" modal
Inviting friends and teammates to Candor is simple with an invite link

New Prompt Request for teams

Got a specific Take prompt you want teammates to answer for your Team Space? We’ve built in a simple way to make a request directly from the Take carousel. Make sure to enter the carousel from your Team Space, then navigate to the request card, and click to fill in the details. We’ll carry through your request and create your super special prompt just for your team!

The "New Prompt Request" modal for teams
Need a special Take prompt for your team? Use the request card in your Team Space carousel

Check out all the new features and have fun expressing yourself at joincandor.com. 🚀

Connect and engage with your teammates

Candor makes it easy to connect and have fun with your teammates, even while you’re remote. Use Candor to do feedback, shoutouts, check-ins, and more, all in one place.

know your work
Connect with your teammates using shoutouts, check-ins, feedback and more.
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