A fun fact about me is…

I'm a downhill skiing fanatic.

Keep Tahoe Blue!

I worry that my teammates might perceive me as…

One-dimensional. I bring a variety of skills to the table.

I'm not interested in being *exclusively* a data guru.

The best environment for me is:

space for deep work in the PM< 2 meetings

I love "me time" in the mornings and deep work in the afternoons.


I like to get feedback when its given…

in the moment1:1with kindness

Any and all feedback welcome!

Most fulfilling project I've worked on

I managed a rebuild of the experimentation framework at Thumbtack!

I love experimentation + project managing highly technical systems.

I'm energized at work by…

building stuffsolving problemshelping others succeed

Creative problem solving gets me jazzed

I learn best by…

doing ithearing someone explain ittaking a coursepairing with a teammate

You do you.

Teammates see Stephan at work as...


Teammates hope to see Stephan grow in…

Maintains effective work life balance1

Teammates say Stephan stands out…

Clearly communicates purpose and vision1
Collaborates effectively with teammates1
Maintains clear long term vision that drives decision making1
Prioritizes common good over self-interest1
Stays true to own values with integrity1

How I try to show up at work


I enjoy working with people who speak their mind and aren't reluctant to have a spirited debate. I value kindness and diversity of opinion. I love companies with a clear long-term vision where individuals and teams are encouraged to take risks to uncover the best path forward.

My areas for growth

Fosters high performance teamworkClearly communicates purpose and visionWilling to openly have difficult conversations

I am working on my ability to have difficult conversations in real-time, exactly when the situation calls for it. Sometimes I am reluctant to provide feedback until a problem gets worse or goes away on its own. Generally, I think it would be better for me to give feedback more frequently when the stakes are lower.

How I stand out

Maintains clear long term vision that drives decision makingStays true to own values with integrityMentors and develops teammates for their growthPrioritizes common good over self-interestMaintains effective work life balance

I like to think of myself as a creative problem-solver. I rarely get flustered by ambiguity or difficult situations. Instead, I embrace the challenge and look for out-the-box solutions where all parties involved come away feeling heard and satisfied with the outcome.

How I relax

Sand volleyball, running, matcha lattes.

A long walk on the beach at sunset.

My Candor Graph

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