Teammates say Christian stands out…

Consistently hits goals and is a high performer1
Invests and is interested in personal and professional growth1
Makes decisions promptly, even with uncertainty1
Prioritizes common good over self-interest1
Willing to openly have difficult conversations1

Teammates see Christian at work as...

Hard Working1

Teammates hope to see Christian grow in…

Clearly communicates purpose and vision1
Creates warm, caring relationships with teammates1
Maintains clear long term vision that drives decision making1

How I try to show up at work

ConfidentEncouragingHard WorkingAnalyticalCreativePersistentEnthusiasticOrganizedResourcefulCharming

My biggest fear

Being unlovable, rejected, or unwantedBeing weak, controlled, powerless

Facing problems they may lead to very bad outcomes scare sometimes (depending on the mood) the shit out of me

I'm energized at work by…

asyncgetting sh*t done.building stuffsolving problems

The best environment for me is:

space for deep work in the PMback to back meetingsno swiss cheese calendar

I need frequent stimuli

I like to get feedback when its given…

in the moment1:1videoface to faceslack/email okwith examples

Give me your honest and straight feedback right away - I really appreciate it and can take it :)

When I'm stressed, you might notice me…

give brief answers,

My Achilles Heel is…

Multi-tasking including following twitter. Brings me huge headaches

Disrupt me and tell me to focus

I learn best by…

doing ittaking a courseblocking time to do itYoutube

Structure the problem and drill to the core

Most used emojis

Christian Kroeber's most used emojis


Values cover image

My core values


I am an entrepreneur at heart and believe that hard work will pay off. I respect people a lot that work their way up, really try to understand the underlying problems they are facing and cannot be fed up with easy answers.

How to make my day cover image

You will make my freakin day if you…

slack shoutoutshare a problemshare an idea

Be proactive and live team spirit

How I relax cover image

How I relax

Mobile phone switched off, sports , watching trash tv

Going to football games

I worry that my teammates might perceive me as…

Harsh and too direct

I have very robust opinion and willingness to fight them through

People who have impacted how I see the 🌍

Bob IgerScott GallowayGabor Steingart

Why liberty and personal freedom is important

Things I want to learn cover image

Things I'd love to learn

I want learn better product management

To create a cooler product

My areas for growth

Maintains clear long term vision that drives decision making

Sometime I get lost in the small details because I love operational work on the ground. However, a clear long term vision across the entire organization helps us move faster and create more value to our users.

Motivations cover image

Things that deeply motivate me…

Winning 🥇Getting things done ✅Learning as much as I can 🤓Having a good time 🕺Having unique experiences ✨

How I stand out

Mentors and develops teammates for their growthInvests and is interested in personal and professional growthMakes decisions promptly, even with uncertaintyConsistently hits goals and is a high performerFosters high performance teamwork

My Candor Graph

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