I like to get feedback when its given…

in the momentemailface to faceslack/email okwith contextweekly

I believe it's most beneficial for everyone that we're on the same page as often as possible. If it doesn't feel like we are, let's fix it and not waste precious time. That's when feelings get hurt.

How I try to show up at work

ConfidentHumbleHard WorkingAnalyticalIndependentReliable

My areas for growth

Willing to openly have difficult conversationsIntentional and strategic project planningClearly communicates purpose and vision

I need to operate at a higher level in terms of communication and strategy. I need to get my head out of the weeds and not only see the bigger picture, but engage in meaningful conversations around it to help move the business forward.

How I stand out

Prioritizes common good over self-interestStays composed throughout conflict or difficult situationsInvests and is interested in personal and professional growthStays true to own values with integrityMaintains clear long term vision that drives decision making

I like to think that I have a decent grasp at what I am good at and what I am not good at, and I don't try to reach beyond my means. There are plenty of other more capable individuals at the company that are better suited. I believe that clarity helps me focus on staying in my lane, staying grounded, and producing consistent, quality work.

What's in my dock

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Things that deeply motivate me…

Making money💰Winning 🥇Helping others ❤️Getting things done ✅Work to make the 🌎 a better placeBeing my most authentic self 🎨Having unique experiences ✨Working with people I love 🥰

I am motivated by 0 to 1 scenarios. Being one of 10K employees that helps a proven company go from $100M to $500M... meh. But being one of 20 employees that helps the company achieve product market fit, develop it's early culture, and go from $1M to $5M... now that gets me excited.

How to make my day cover image

You will make my freakin day if you…

private praise / thank you!

My goal is to help everyone at the company accomplish more, so I love to hear and see you accomplish big things.

My Candor Graph

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