How I try to show up at work


I work best when I can manage my own work and time, take time to think things through, and provide deliverables when they are fully complete.

My areas for growth

Stays composed throughout conflict or difficult situationsBalances internal resources effectivelyWilling to openly have difficult conversations

I am trying to be a more effective verbal communicator, particularly in times of stress or conflict, and also learning how to deal with conflict without feeling hurt or shutting down.

How I stand out

Intentional and strategic project planningMaintains clear long term vision that drives decision makingInvests and is interested in personal and professional growthMotivated by making community/world impactConsistently hits goals and is a high performer

I am able to take multiple disparate elements and figure out how those elements can work together to solve a problem. Or, I can look at a single issue and figure out all the external forces that may cause that problem.

My Candor Graph

What does this graph mean?