How I try to show up at work

AnalyticalResourcefulCreativeReliableHard Working

I’m all about collaborating to drive solutions for the team. Red tape? Not really my thing. I like to fail fast, hit goals, and have fun. I don’t like to take myself too seriously.

My areas for growth

Maintains clear long term vision that drives decision makingClearly communicates purpose and visionWilling to openly have difficult conversations

I love using data, but feel I still have much more to learn. I’m working on finding new ways to use data in driving strategic recommendations to stakeholders.

How I stand out

Mentors and develops teammates for their growthIntentional and strategic project planningFosters high performance teamworkPrioritizes common good over self-interestMaintains effective work life balance

I am able to drive a positive culture to create an environment for high morale and performance through collaboration, support, and creativity.

My Candor Graph

What does this graph mean?