How I stand out

Mentors and develops teammates for their growthCreates warm, caring relationships with teammatesPrioritizes common good over self-interestInvests and is interested in personal and professional growthWilling to openly have difficult conversations

My leadership philosophy is based in radical vulnerability, meaningful inclusion and psychological safety. I believe that these are necessary elements to enable employee thriving, and at the end of the day, a company is simply a group of people with a shared goal trying to make a dream real. When we thrive together, we're more likely to get to that vision of success. This stuff is easy to say, but requires intense continuous dedication to self reflection as a leader. The more perceived power one has, the less likely it is to get critical feedback necessary to be an effective, human centric leader and the easier it is to get complacent. Seeing the ways power dynamics can alter any situation, it's even more important to always be investing in depth of relationships and trust to overcome that hurdle. If we want to be effective, we need trust; if we want to be trusted, we need to do own our own baggage and do the work to _be_ trustworthy. I often see a reluctance to acknowledge the elephant in the room behind the problems in organizations. I push myself to acknowledge these things that feel too big to call out from a place of empathy and curiosity. We can _only_ move forward when we acknowledge where we are.

My areas for growth

Clearly communicates purpose and visionMakes decisions promptly, even with uncertaintyMaintains effective work life balance

My Candor Graph

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