How I stand out

Makes decisions promptly, even with uncertaintyMentors and develops teammates for their growthStays composed throughout conflict or difficult situationsCollaborates effectively with teammatesFosters high performance teamwork

I make my dent in the universe by simplifying uncertainty fast, and helping teams pick really efficient pathways to explore highly ambiguous product terrain. I have a homing sense for customer value that I use as a compass to guide teams across these confusing landscapes.

How I try to show up at work

ConfidentImaginativeHard WorkingResourcefulThoughtful

I've loved the transition to working from home because it's give me the option to double-down on my greatest strength: writing. I use Slack, decks, and docs to stay ahead of fires and intentionally drive deliverables with clarity. I pride myself on well-run meetings that always have a clear output, an I like to use 1:1 time to prioritize relationship-building and trust, particularly in a remote environment. Spending time there means everyone on the team needs to be good at getting the nuts and bolts of work documented and processed async, so we can spend our synchronous time on nurturing trust, tough issues that need to be escalate/unblocked, and of course my favorite--career development!

My areas for growth

Motivated by making community/world impactBalances internal resources effectivelyIntentional and strategic project planning

I'm looking to level up my use of frameworks so I can effectively set up and scale efficient product motions with minimal tweaks. If my last couple years were really focused on sharpening story-telling for executives, I want my next couple to be focused on 10x'ing my ability to develop, communicate, and drive teams in terms of frameworks. I have conviction that a good framework liberates teams by exposing assumptions and first principles, and standout frameworks make standout teams. Here's to the next couple years!

My Candor Graph

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