How I stand out

Creates warm, caring relationships with teammatesMotivated by making community/world impactStays true to own values with integrityMaintains effective work life balanceCollaborates effectively with teammates

My areas for growth

Willing to openly have difficult conversationsIntentional and strategic project planningMakes decisions promptly, even with uncertainty

How I try to show up at work

RespectfulEncouragingImaginativeHard WorkingCreativeReliableEnthusiasticPatientOrganizedThoughtful

I really admire teammates who are…

Supportive, hard-working, human(!), kind/empathetic, open-minded, patient

I like to get feedback when its given…

1:1slack/email okwith kindnesswith contextwith examples

Things that deeply motivate me…

Making money💰Helping others ❤️Work to make the 🌎 a better placeLearning as much as I can 🤓Creating a safe little nest 🐣Having unique experiences ✨Making my parents proud 🥺

In order of importance: - having unique experiences - creating a safe little nest, helping others - working to make the world a better place - making my fam proud - making money (to create a safe little nest and to have unique experiences! - learning as much as I can

Things I'd love to learn

Budgeting, recruiting

(specific to my role here :) )

I'm energized at work by…

getting sh*t person workbuilding stuffhelping others succeed

Making good progress towards a goal

My core values

AdventureCommunityCreativityHonestyMeaningful WorkRespect

The best environment for me is:

time for deep work in the AM< 2 meetings no swiss cheese calendar

No swiss cheese calendar for sure, it takes me a little time to get into a job so jumping from job to job will stress me out and make me less productive

When I'm stressed, you might notice me…

Start to make mistakes or be forgetful, distance myself from team

Help me prioritise or work on whatever is stressing me out with me.

Personality type


Mediators (INFPs) want to feel a sense of purpose in their work. They try to cultivate an emotional and moral connection to what they do – looking for reassurance that their day-to-day efforts are helping other people in some shape or form. As employees, Mediators tend to be loyal, upbeat, and considerate. They take pride in being honest and doing the right thing in all circumstances. People with this personality type also feel gratified by pleasing others, from their bosses to their customers. Mediators feel most motivated when they’re thinking up ways to help others, not worrying about checklists or bottom lines. Mediators value equality and fairness, so it’s no surprise that they can feel stifled by workplace hierarchies. They prefer professional environments where everyone feels valued and is encouraged to share their ideas – no matter their job title. As colleagues, Mediators do what they can to make this ideal a reality. Many Mediators (INFPs) long for a career that doesn’t just take care of the bills but also feels fulfilling. They want to spend their days doing something they genuinely love, preferably without too much stress or drama. For Mediators, an ideal career path should feel like a calling, not just a job. And if it doesn’t involve too many draining social interactions or phone calls, so much the better.

How I relax

Put my tech away

(Except for netflix)... watch a comfort show under a blanket by the fire with a cup of tea and yummy food! Long baths with music and candles. Going for a walk and/or spending time in nature.

I work best as a…

Some mix of execution and strategy. I love doing tasks and the high-level strategy conversations.

I learn best by…

doing ithearing someone explain itwriting it downpairing with a teammate

You will make my freakin day if you…

private praise / thank you!slack shoutouttake something off my platesend me chocolate

My Candor Graph

What does this graph mean?