My core values

AuthenticityCommunityCreativityMeaningful WorkService

My biggest fear

Being bad, wrong, or corruptBeing unlovable, rejected, or unwantedBeing in conflict or separated from others, being without connection

How I try to show up at work

ConfidentEncouragingImaginativeHard WorkingResourceful

I work best as a…

Some mix of execution and strategy. I love doing tasks and the high-level strategy conversations.

Personality type


I'm energized at work by…

getting sh*t done.building stuffsolving problems

Things that deeply motivate me…

Making money💰Winning 🥇Working with people I love 🥰

The best environment for me is:

space for deep work in the PMback to back meetingslots of in person collab

I like to use my mornings for back to back meetings and carve out time for some one on one or deep work with the afternoon.

Outside of work, you'll find me...

A WorkoutBrunchA MuseumAn Afternoon NapNetflixTakeout

When I'm stressed, you might notice me…

Trying to solve an issue. I might also be a bit short - I'm working on it!

Call me out on it - "hey, it looks like you seem stressed"

I like to get feedback when its given…

1:1face to facewith kindnesswith contextwith examples

I learn best by…

doing it

You will make my freakin day if you…

slack shoutoutsend me pet pics jam with meshare a problemshare an idea

My areas for growth

Balances internal resources effectivelyWilling to openly have difficult conversationsMentors and develops teammates for their growthMakes decisions promptly, even with uncertaintyMaintains effective work life balance

My current skillset is grounded in relationship building and effective project management. Building out skillsets for balancing internal resources, opening myself up to conversations and growth, and bettering my decision-making will help me balance my skills and in turn broaden my career.

How I stand out

Fosters high performance teamworkCreates warm, caring relationships with teammatesClearly communicates purpose and visionIntentional and strategic project planningCollaborates effectively with teammates

I enjoy moving the needle forward by building trust and relationships with my coworkers.

My Candor Graph

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