Am I lucky?

I've seen a lot of misfortune, but absolutely, I do.

The fact that I could navigate that misfortune with a support system and available resources only proves how lucky I am. I have the space to take the bad when so many others don't have that.

Proud moment

It's been a bit, but a year ago, I had a great team with a stunning culture

My team was a mix of folks that were previously my peers and people I had hired personally. But I put in a lot of work building relationships and honing an open, comfortable environment. We learned together, asked questions, had discussions, and shared our workload as a sort of editorial community. We had a lot of trust for one another, and my direct reports knew I had their back. I'd encourage mental health days and consider my team's needs and preferences as much as possible. We all made room for so much, even when it wasn't easy. And in turn, they were engaged with their work and had the energy to help put out unexpected fires. Because I gave them space to make mistakes and learn, they also gave me space to make mistakes and learn. There was no judgment or frustration, and no one felt patronized or dismissed. And we extended that community to our peers in other spaces, like SEO, content strategy, and digital PR for an even wider healthy workspace. I miss that.

When I'm stressed, you might notice me…

getting frustrated and pushy.

I actually take stress very well. It's when I feel my solutions are dismissed or my expertise is ignored that I truly start to get stressed because I feel intentionally trapped. So when I can finally get my foot in the door and explain my reasoning and my ideas and come to some kind of compromise, I feel loads better.

Something that drives me crazy 😵‍💫 🤬

Stolen ideas--or forced bad ones.

Humility is essential in the workplace. Get to the point--admit if you don't know something and ask people who do. Everyone will have more productive conversations and more wins if we can cut through all that, and I find it really frustrating when smart ideas are ignored or falsely credited to someone else for the sake of pride or reputation.

Best way to get me excited about something

Tell me how it helps someone or something!

If it has sound reasoning and has honorable intentions, I'm usually all about it.

How I relax cover image

How I relax

Creative writing in a dark, quiet room with soothing tunes and coffee.

Talking about television with friends is also acceptable.

Things I want to learn cover image

Things I'd love to learn

I want to learn more coding, and anything that'll help me in my work.

I think leaders in online editorial spaces can sometimes be where lots of specialties converge, like SEO, monetization, UX, etc. And because specialists can have eyes on everything all the time, I think it's important I know as many of the best practices as possible so they can focus on what they need to and I can ensure all the right things make it into the content (and that they're recommendations are properly represented). So I always like to learn more outside of editorial to help me have more productive conversations with teammates and create more valuable content.

I really admire teammates who… cover image

I really admire teammates who are…

respected and trusted by many because of their values and intentions.

I admit I want to be seen as valuable so I don't have to push so hard for things I feel strongly about. I want to be able to offer ideas and have them be heard and considered. I don't always have to be right, and I don't always WANT to be right--I absolutely enjoy a strong back-and-forth discussion. But I don't want my ideas to be immediately dismissed. I want them to have weight and mean something just because of who I am as a person, not because of my title or anger or something sour.

A fun fact about me is…

I'm actually extremely introverted, and that surprises a lot of people!

I'm really socially anxious, but I don't let it get in my way. And being super introverted for me just means I don't like small talk and REALLY enjoy in-depth, valuable conversation, whether about TV shows or UX best practices. So really, the most unpleasant thing about meeting strangers is slogging through chats about the weather and whatnot--hit me with a question like, "What character do you think is misunderstood, and why?" and I will dive into that so dang fast.

I work best as a…

Some mix of execution and strategy. I love doing tasks and the high-level strategy conversations.

I like the soothing nature of day-to-day tasks, like reporting, publishing, planning, etc. But I also love to be involved in larger strategic conversations that impact those everyday tasks. I love to be involved, and I love to bring my own team into things. It just goes back to my adoration for deep conversation, and strategic conversations are where that happens!

The best environment for me is:

space for deep work in the PMback to back meetingsno swiss cheese calendarflexibility to help teammates

Meetings tend to crowd my mental bandwidth until I've attended them. So puttin' 'em all in the morning helps me open up my brain for some afternoon focus.

Me when sh*t hits the fan

Laura West when sh*t hits the fan

Let's get analytical and problem solve! I'mma be honest: It can actually be a really great team bonding experience if y'all can spare a little exasperated humor.

Outside of work, you'll find me...

PaddleboardingTalking about Life

Hiking is also acceptable if it's not too ambitious and has pretty views.

My favorite movie

Promising Young Woman

I mean, my favorite changes all the time, but I found this darkly delightful with a blend of a lot of vibes. It's witty and sarcastic and clever and covers really sensitive issues in a creative (but again, dark) way.

Personality type


I think many personality tests do a great job of explaining my analytical and emotional halves. I like to blend them both to be fair and reasonable to everyone.

I'm energized at work by…

solving problemshelping others succeed

All it really comes down to is supporting others. While I love, love, love autonomy, I don't do well as a lone wolf and need be helpful. So I also enjoy solving problems because usually it naturally leads to helping others, directly or indirectly.

I like to get feedback when its given…

idc just tell mewith contextwith examples

I like all feedback and find it really valuable and important, no matter the reason behind it. But if there are examples or context, then I can make even more impactful changes to ensure everybody's comfy and has what they need.

Values cover image

My core values

BalanceCommunityChallengeFairnessHonestyHarmonyMeaningful WorkOpenness

I'm a strong believer in having open, honest workspaces where folks feel comfortable sharing everything, from discomforts to dreams. I think doing so helps people understand one another better and leads to more productive, ambitious conversations where everyone respects each other and understands one another's intent. I'm also big on trust, so I tend to offer trust right away as an act of good faith, as I feel most satisfied when I feel trusted to do my job and be included in important conversations.

How I try to show up at work


When I feel safe in my workspace, I'm a super encouraging person! I want everyone to win all the time, and I love to support others. Helping others is why I wanted to be an editor--I enjoy buoying other people up and helping them make something great even more fabulous. I'm also really forgiving and understanding, and it takes a lot to get me surly at work. I want everyone to succeed together, no matter where they sit in the hierarchy. I love collaboration and swapping ideas with other smart, capable people and learning beside them!

My areas for growth

Makes decisions promptly, even with uncertaintyStays true to own values with integrityMaintains effective work life balanceStays composed throughout conflict or difficult situations

I work best when I can make my own choices and be trusted to work on my own. But I've realized when asked for answers on the spot, I'm not always as prepared as I'd like to be. Though I'm comfortable raising concerns, I struggle pushing for something I feel strongly about and often let things go to avoid conflict, even if doing so negatively affects me. For the most part, I keep my cool rather well--especially in front of direct reports. But I've discovered when worn to a certain point, I lose control and my frustration shows. So that's definitely an area I want to improve, along with a work-life balance, as I always assume I'm the problem and sometimes overwork to correct it.

How I stand out

Creates warm, caring relationships with teammatesMentors and develops teammates for their growthCollaborates effectively with teammatesWilling to openly have difficult conversationsManages feelings of self and others during conflict

My main drive is to advocate for others and sometimes for causes I feel are important. While I can get a bit heated if I don't feel heard, I value healthy relationships and productive conversations. My top skill is being able to foster a team environment where people feel important and feel free to share and act upon their ideas. I put a big emphasis on discussions without walls, and I take time to help my direct reports feel comfortable and empowered in their role. I believe a manager should advocate for their team, ensuring their people have what they need to do their job and feel psychologically safe--all while finding ways to accommodate their team within the needs of the business.

Motivations cover image

Things that deeply motivate me…

Making money💰Helping others ❤️Getting things done ✅Creating a safe little nest 🐣

Helping others is where I get the most energy, so creating a safe space for everyone is always my top goal. I've found focusing on the people also leads to the best ideas and productivity. As for cash monies--I always strive for better financial safety for my family.

How to make my day cover image

You will make my freakin day if you…

private praise / thank you!slack shoutoutsend me chocolateshare a problemshare an idea

My Candor Graph

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