Teammates see John at work as...

Hard Working4

My core values

AuthenticityAutonomyCreativityLearningMeaningful WorkYOLO

These are what are most important to me.

I really admire teammates who are…

Kind, driven and take an ‘everyone chops wood and fetches water’ approach.

I think great teams care less about what their job title or role prescribes they do and more about what just needs doing. People stepping outside of role, for the good of the whole team energizes me.

Most used emojis

Most fulfilling project I've worked on

Building Candor. No doubt.

It's a weirdly perfect combination of my ideal environment, stage, and mission in a role that challenges me every day to grow. I spend most of my time figuring new things out and I get to do that with a team who all give a shit. I absolutely love it.

My happy place

Mum and dad have farmed here since the 80's. It's my favorite place to be.


Epic work fails

My first-ever twitter ad campaign brought 200k people to our landing page!!

🌱 Except it didn't. I just discovered a bot farm. For 5 glorious minutes, I was the king of marketing. #sadface

Things I'd love to learn

Verbal communication, NLP and video editing

Think they'd make me a better contributor to the team

My favorite books 📚

MagicianThe Lord Of The Rings

Teammates say John stands out…

Fosters high performance teamwork10
Creates warm, caring relationships with teammates9
Collaborates effectively with teammates7
Mentors and develops teammates for their growth6
Motivated by making community/world impact5

My workplace

🧙 My Lord of the rings inspired nerd cave for working, painting, and gaming.


What's in my dock

Notion, Slack, Zapier, Figma, Visual Studio, Loom, Webflow, Carrd, Bubble, Notes, and League of Legends is there for......research....

You can ask me about

Career coachingIdea developmentOps stuffCompany buildingDealing with sociopathsCareer transitionsLanding page optimisationExperience designPeople stuff

I work best as a…

Some mix of execution and strategy. I love doing tasks and the high-level strategy conversations.

5% Strategy 10% Ideation 85% Building from the roots up.

My biggest fear

Being worthless or not valued

Something that drives me crazy 😵‍💫 🤬

Meetings that could have been emails and "hello" in slack. IYKYK.

Teammates hope to see John grow in…

Maintains effective work life balance5
Intentional and strategic project planning3
Maintains clear long term vision that drives decision making3
Stays composed throughout conflict or difficult situations3
Clearly communicates purpose and vision2

People who have impacted how I see the 🌍

Mum and dad

Best way to get me excited about something

Share an idea or a problem visually (Figma/Miro)

One thing that might surprise you about me…

I've been told I'm a lot more intense than my first impression gives off.

The first time you see me excited about something.

My favorite movie

Lord of The Rings

Middle Earth is one of my favorite places to get lost.

Personality type


Chaotic good.

Me when sh*t hits the fan

Hold my beer.

My areas for growth

Manages feelings of self and others during conflictMaintains effective work life balanceClearly communicates purpose and vision

I am actively working on my communication skills. I used to rely on being able to sketch whilst talking to others and realised recently that if you take away the sketch pad what's left isn't as clear or concise as i'd like it to be. I'm seeking regular feedback on this after workshops and using poised to record myself and learn. I'd love to improve both the speed and quality of my writing. It takes me an age to write an idea down in long-form and represent my thinking in a memo or blog. I am currently trying to write for 30mins every day to build this muscle.

How I try to show up at work

ImaginativeObservantPersistentHard WorkingCreativeAssertiveTrusting

I like to work with people who are passionate, open, creative and like to run towards hard things. I'm a visual thinker so get a ton of energy from working synch or asynch on a Miro board. I don't have a particular structure to when I prefer to do deep work or workshops. I am a night owl so can be found working whenever I get inspiration but I do have sacred family time 5:30pm - 8pm GMT so I tend to go dark then and that is emergencies only please!

How I stand out

Makes decisions promptly, even with uncertaintyWilling to openly have difficult conversationsMentors and develops teammates for their growthPrioritizes common good over self-interestIntentional and strategic project planningConsistently hits goals and is a high performerCreates warm, caring relationships with teammates

I'm good at taking big intangible ideas or complex people/product/process challenges and figuring out creative ways to get them off the ground.

The best environment for me is:

time for deep work in the AMspace for deep work in the PM< 2 meetings

It takes me a while to find my flow sometimes and will suddenly flick into ADHD hyperfocus at peculiar times of day.

I'm energized at work by…

asyncgetting sh*t done.building stuffsolving problemshelping others succeedjam sessions

Helping others + creative problem solving in an environment of high trust and autonomy where everyone gives a shit, gets me going.

Things that deeply motivate me…

Helping others ❤️Getting things done ✅Work to make the 🌎 a better placeBeing my most authentic self 🎨Learning as much as I can 🤓Working with people I love 🥰

Motivated by these because work doesn't feel like work when my day-to-day involves 1 or more of these.

I learn best by…

doing itside project

Show me once and then give me a bit of time and space to figure it out on my own.

I like to get feedback when its given…

1:1videoface to faceidc just tell mewith contextwith examples

If it's likely to hit hard, then I'd appreciate a bit of a heads up so i can get myself in the right frame of mind.

A fun fact about me is…

😜 I can throw a javelin really far :)

Also, I can read super fast. World Top 1% last time I checked.

You will make my freakin day if you…

private praise / thank you!earth shattering hi fivejam with meshare a problemshare an idea

I'd much rather get praise in private or async - find it awkward to receive publicly.

When I'm stressed, you might notice me…

Shut down and close off. It's usually pretty noticeable.

Explain you've noticed me acting differently and ask what's up / what help I need.

I worry that my teammates might perceive me as…

Chaotic and clumsy.

I think its to do with how I communicate when I get excited about an idea. Sometimes I can flit around a lot. I can struggle to get my words out when my instincts are running hot and I'm excited about something. If you aren't used to working with me this can be a bit distracting I think.


How I relax

A glass of wine, a good book and a hammock

I also love video games. OG League of Legends fanboy

My Achilles Heel is…


Help show me perspective (perhaps the thing I'm worried about isn't actually that important!) or help lift the roadblock with me!

My Candor Graph

What does this graph mean?