How I stand out

Maintains clear long term vision that drives decision makingIntentional and strategic project planningFosters high performance teamworkCollaborates effectively with teammatesMentors and develops teammates for their growth

Teammates see Giacomo at work as...

Reliable +1Hard Working +1Analytical +1FairHumble

Teammates hope to see Giacomo grow in…

Manages feelings of self and others during conflictCreates warm, caring relationships with teammatesWilling to openly have difficult conversations

Teammates say Giacomo stands out…

Intentional and strategic project planning +1Stays composed throughout conflict or difficult situations +1Maintains clear long term vision that drives decision makingWilling to openly have difficult conversationsStays true to own values with integrity

How I try to show up at work

AnalyticalHard WorkingCreativeTrustingThoughtful

My areas for growth

Maintains effective work life balanceWilling to openly have difficult conversationsCreates warm, caring relationships with teammates

My Candor Graph

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