How I try to show up at work

ConfidentEncouragingHard WorkingAnalyticalThoughtful

I believe every meeting should be a whiteboard meeting, and teams are at their best when presented with a clear, actionable vision and the space to do their best work. My goal as a founder, leader, and teammate is to craft an environment in which this is possible.

My areas for growth

Balances internal resources effectively

My biggest downfall is over-investing in certain areas of my work. I've been known to work for days on end without doing much else; my work has been known to take priority at the expense of sleep, eating, exercise, and friendships. It's a necessary mindset for seasons, but certainly not one that I wish to keep forever. Practicing presence without an anterior motive is one way I'm counter-acting this nature.

How I stand out

Clearly communicates purpose and visionMakes decisions promptly, even with uncertaintyWilling to openly have difficult conversationsFosters high performance teamworkCreates warm, caring relationships with teammates

I am able to discern effective strategies quickly and communicate with others in a way that allows them to feel seen and heard—regardless of the nature of the conversation.

My Candor Graph

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