Devon Greene

Project Management

American Diamond Logistics

Devon's Crew

My core values

AchievementAuthenticityAdventureAutonomyBalanceFunChallengeCreativityHumorLearningMeaningful WorkSuccessWealth

How I stand out

Fosters high performance teamworkIntentional and strategic project planningMentors and develops teammates for their growthInvests and is interested in personal and professional growthStays composed throughout conflict or difficult situations

Teammates say Devon stands out…

Creates warm, caring relationships with teammates +3Collaborates effectively with teammates +2Fosters high performance teamwork +2Mentors and develops teammates for their growth +2Maintains clear long term vision that drives decision making +1

I'm energized at work by…

solving problemshelping others succeedjam sessions

I nerd out on team building and project management!

How I try to show up at work


Something that drives me crazy 😵‍💫 🤬

A slow computer, I want my tech to work as quickly as I do!

Teammates see Devon at work as...

Hard Working +2Encouraging +2Charming +1Analytical +1Assertive +1

Teammates hope to see Devon grow in…

Maintains effective work life balance +3Balances internal resources effectively +1Motivated by making community/world impactIntentional and strategic project planningMakes decisions promptly, even with uncertainty

I work best as a…

Some mix of execution and strategy. I love doing tasks and the high-level strategy conversations.

My biggest fear

Having no meaning or being insignificant and mundane

Things that deeply motivate me…

Making money💰Getting things done ✅Learning as much as I can 🤓Having a good time 🕺Having unique experiences ✨Working with people I love 🥰

I learn best by…

doing ithearing someone explain itwriting it downtaking a course

You will make my freakin day if you…

private praise / thank you!slack shoutouttake something off my plateearth shattering hi fivea dank MEMEsend me pet pics jam with me

I like to get feedback when its given…

in the moment1:1face to facewith kindnesswith contextwith examplesweekly

The best environment for me is:

time for deep work in the AMmostly team time

Me when sh*t hits the fan

My areas for growth

Clearly communicates purpose and visionMakes decisions promptly, even with uncertaintyBalances internal resources effectively

My Candor Graph

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