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A few things about me...

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My journey so far

Started my career at Disney doing the business side of the incredibly creative projects the Imagineers came up with. Following, I transitioned into Corporate Finance at Disney Corporate whereby we oversaw the company's capital structure and liquidity profile. I was doing real estate on the side in LA and thought I wanted to try my hand in the RE industry. Help start up Brixton Capital, a private equity real estate firm in San Diego as their head of acquisitions. Very quickly knew this was my passion and after two years jumped out on my own and started Lamming Co where I focused on hotel acquisitions and developments, combining the passions I discovered at Disney, creating experiences for people, and my passion for real estate. After a couple of years I acquired RAR Hospitality, a hotel management firm, to vertically integrate a bit. I sold RAR Hospitality in February of 2020 to focus full time on growing the property portfolio of Lamming Co and push outward into other asset classes outside of hotels.

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How I try to show up at work


My areas for growth

Maintains effective work life balanceWilling to openly have difficult conversationsMakes decisions promptly, even with uncertainty

When there isn't a good or clear answer to not just sit on the question unanswered

How I stand out

Clearly communicates purpose and visionManages feelings of self and others during conflictStays true to own values with integrityMaintains clear long term vision that drives decision makingIntentional and strategic project planning

I am able to understand new concepts and problems very quickly