My Achilles Heel is…

Not so great at the 80/20 approach... tend to spend too long polishing

Please help me by calling me out on it!

How I stand out

Motivated by making community/world impactStays true to own values with integrityIntentional and strategic project planningCreates warm, caring relationships with teammatesMentors and develops teammates for their growth

I have the ability to bring people together and turn them into teams who are motivated, enjoy what they do, grow (personally and professionally), and have greater impact than the sum of their parts.

Teammates say Bella stands out…

Mentors and develops teammates for their growth2
Motivated by making community/world impact2
Stays true to own values with integrity2
Clearly communicates purpose and vision1
Collaborates effectively with teammates1

Teammates hope to see Bella grow in…

Balances internal resources effectively1
Makes decisions promptly, even with uncertainty1
Stays composed throughout conflict or difficult situations1

Teammates see Bella at work as...

Hard Working1

How I try to show up at work

Hard WorkingEnthusiasticReliableFairTrusting

I not a finished product, far from it! I value feedback very highly and I would love for you to give me and our team feedback often. The sooner the better. If something is up, please don’t let it fester and grow, let me know. I commit to doing the same, so long as you’re open to it. One thing I know I do and am working on is that I get over-excited and then sometimes… well maybe often, I interrupt. Please call me out on it. I don't mind. My days tend to be busy, I’m working on that but please know that I’ll always do my best to make time if you need to catch-up. Please don't slot meetings into the little gaps - they help me refresh and be the best Bella for my other meetings. If there are no slots, please send me a message and I’ll make time. I try to respect the time of others. Little things that might demonstrate this are joining meetings on time, being present on video calls, and keeping your video. I get frustrated when people don’t respect my time. It’s the one thing we can never get back. I always try to treat others with respect and expect the same of others. My operating system is agile. I value transparency and openness, conversations and collaboration. I am cool with failure so long as we do it quickly and learn from it. I don’t like people pointing fingers. I am hard wired to focus on delivering value and impact. Outcomes over output. I love cool new ideas, but I will prioritise getting stuff finished and realising some value… stop starting and start finishing. Collaborating is my favourite way to work and often to think. Around a whiteboard, with a stack of post-its and more than just my brain. I prefer working and am at my best when working with others (not on my own). I am not great at balancing work and life but I've got a lot better. I'm failing if I'm not resting. We do our best work when we have time and space to rest and breathe. I will protect my evenings and weekends. Different people do and different things to stay balanced. Figure that out and let people know, so we can help you succeed and be your best you.

My areas for growth

Stays composed throughout conflict or difficult situationsWilling to openly have difficult conversationsMakes decisions promptly, even with uncertainty

80/20. I go to deep and puts extra hours in for minimal return. I need to stop sooner and prioritise tasks and sub-tasks better.

My Candor Graph

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