Annabelle Yee

Project Management

Deloitte Consulting

The best environment for me is:

time for deep work in the AMlots of in person collab

I learn best by…

doing itwriting it downblocking time to do it

I'm energized at work by…

getting sh*t done.building stuffsolving problemshelping others succeedjam sessions

I like to get feedback when its given…

1:1with kindnesswith contextwith examples

How I try to show up at work

Hard WorkingReliableOrganizedThoughtfulResourcefulCuriousAnalytical

My areas for growth

Creates warm, caring relationships with teammatesMentors and develops teammates for their growthClearly communicates purpose and visionFosters high performance teamworkCollaborates effectively with teammates

I want to find more common ground with others and learn to work in a way that is more empathetic and personable! I want to also work on bringing others along on the journey, so they can understand why we're doing what we're doing.

How I stand out

Intentional and strategic project planningPrioritizes common good over self-interestWilling to openly have difficult conversationsMotivated by making community/world impactMaintains clear long term vision that drives decision making

I consider myself to be a very logical and structured person in my thinking. I like to understand the WHY before we move forward to the HOW and I think it's effective in ensuring we work towards a usable final product!

Things that deeply motivate me…

Getting things done ✅

I love to help realize the "art of the possible" and bring things to life. It gives me a huge sense of accomplishment!

You will make my freakin day if you…

share a problem

Please share your feedback with me! I will really value it and try to take it into account going forward!

My Candor Graph

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