Teammates see Ameet at work as...


Teammates hope to see Ameet grow in…

Maintains effective work life balance1

Teammates say Ameet stands out…

Collaborates effectively with teammates1
Creates warm, caring relationships with teammates1
Invests and is interested in personal and professional growth1
Motivated by making community/world impact1
Stays true to own values with integrity1

How I try to show up at work

ConfidentHard WorkingFairThoughtfulEncouraging

I do my best work in the first 2 hours of my day, as well as in the hours post-dinner. I try to hold most of my meetings for the afternoon to give me ample time in the mornings to deep work. We are a fully distributed team with team members living across West & East Coast time zones, and we maintain a healthy level of flexibility in working hours. We use Slack for almost all communications and are respectful of others' scheduled and unscheduled time.

My areas for growth

Consistently hits goals and is a high performerMakes decisions promptly, even with uncertaintyMaintains effective work life balance

I can set a better example for our team of maintaining work life balance. I understand that others on our team will feel more comfortable taking the time off that they need and deserve to recharge if I do so myself, but I often struggle to disconnect. We have a passionate, hardworking culture, but I want our team to make sure they're working sustainably since we have long-term ambitions. I took my first multi-day vacation to kick off this year, and I'm hopeful this will help to set a better example. We operate in a big market with a number of opportunities but also competition, so it's important that we move quickly when deciding which paths to focus our limited resources. Often, I hesitate or waver between options, and it's important that we make important decisions more swiftly even with some level of uncertainty.

How I stand out

Stays composed throughout conflict or difficult situationsWilling to openly have difficult conversationsStays true to own values with integrityMotivated by making community/world impactManages feelings of self and others during conflict

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