Alyssa Eurell

Brand Marketing


A few things about me...

Outdoors Enthusiast
My journey so far

Out of college, I proudly helped start a beautifully designed, approachable 'outdoor lifestyle' magazine. I was a lot of fun, and rewarding experience learning how to get this off the ground. I worked on partnerships, events, account management, creative, janitorial services. Pretty much everything under the sun. I worked there for a number of years, and finally was laid off during the pandemic. After some really out of the box thinking, I made it through by starting my own business - and eventually landed at Outer.

What does this graph mean?

How I try to show up at work


I'm old fashioned and love connecting in person.

My areas for growth

Willing to openly have difficult conversationsConsistently hits goals and is a high performerMakes decisions promptly, even with uncertainty

How I stand out

Manages feelings of self and others during conflictCollaborates effectively with teammatesCreates warm, caring relationships with teammatesMaintains effective work life balanceIntentional and strategic project planning